About Me


My name is Shar and I'm addicted to Marilyn!

I have loved Marilyn since I was 7yrs old - and I am much... much... older now! My love for Marilyn has taken me to New York City and to L.A. where I have been fortunate enough to meet other Marilyn addicts like myself - to walk in Marilyn's footsteps and even spend time in her apartment!

Marilyn has been a big influence in my life, to the extent that in January 2012 I opened a clothing boutique called Retro Daisy - inspired by Marilyn, we specialise in reproduction vintage Bombshell and Pinup clothing of the 40's, 50's and 60's!

Whilst I'm not a collector of Marilyn Memorabilia, I do collect books and I have a special fondness for signed copies!