Be more Marilyn!

If you love Marilyn – it’s quite likely that you first fell in love with her image, either on a poster, in a film, TV documentary or maybe in a magazine or book.

Marilyn’s image was carefully crafted over several years – she had the best style advisors in the business – to make the most of her figure, hair and face and whilst Marilyn’s clothes were designed specifically for her – we can take the elements of her style and work them into our everyday life if we chose to or just bring on the glamour for seriously fun events or special occasions!

As Marilyn’s business partner, friend and photographer Milton Greene once said

“You don’t just wake up in the morning and wash your face and comb your hair and go out in the street and look like Marilyn Monroe. She knows every trick of the beauty trade”

This is absolutely true! Yes, Marilyn worked hard to maintain her figure, to keep herself fit and ensure she had a good base to begin from, but she was still human and had flaws as we all do.

Whilst never truly overweight – at 5ft 5.5in at her heaviest she was just 140lbs (10 stone) like most of us Marilyn at times struggled keeping her weight under control and her hair frizz free!

Marilyn used every tool available to her from her personal makeup artist, to her hairdressers and clothes designers – the most famous and sought after in the business. Marilyn was fascinated by their knowledge and would question them so that she too was able to understand what was best for her face and figure.

My own business Retro Daisy Vintage was inspired by Marilyn and the beautiful bombshells of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s including my own Mum who was very Elizabeth Taylor – Jackie O in her style.

For those that wanted to achieve Marilyn’s look during the height of her fame it was a case of reading fan magazines in the hope that she would impart information on her beauty routine. They would study her magazine articles, films and photos to copy her style as best as they could. Today however, glamour has never been more accessible, with free Youtube tutorials on hair and makeup to vintage clothing, dedicated makeup artists that have studied vintage styles and reproduction shops like Retro Daisy helping you to achieve the look you desire.

Be more Marilyn, will show you have to achieve vintage Hollywood glamour that you can either dip into when the occasion calls for it or make it a part of who you are and your own unique style!

Marilyn to Susan Strasberg

"Get high heels and always keep your shoes the same colour as your stockings, black with black, nude with nude. It makes you taller, get it?"

Where to Buy Marilyn's Look

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