Influential People

“Even Marilyn’s worst enemies must concede that she has a genius for collecting good Samaritans”  

Maurice Zolotow (Marilyn's first Biographer 1961) 

ralphg  mmmexico  eunicemurray 
Dr Ralph Greenson Marilyn Eunice Murray

Norma Jeane did not become Marilyn Monroe without a great deal of help along the way!

This is an exploration of the relationships Marilyn had with the people that were major influences in her life – What would have happened if Grace McKee hadn’t been friends with her mother Gladys?  

How would things have been if she hadn’t met Natasha Lytess or Johnny Hyde? Why did John Carroll and his wife Lucille Ryman, take in the struggling actress and provide her with spending money? 

What would have happened if Milton Greene hadn’t of walked into her life? How did Lee and Paula Strasberg wield such a powerful influence over Marilyn? Would she have lived longer had she not invested so much belief and commitment in Dr Ralph Greenson? A relationship that led her to the person she would share her last hours with, Eunice Murray. 

These are just a few names of the people that crossed paths with Norma Jeane/Marilyn Monroe during her lifetime. Each and everyone brought something that Marilyn needed or thought she needed – some of them were positive influences and unfortunately, some were negative in the extreme. 

Did Marilyn come across these people as a natural act of fate or was it a contrived and artful effort on her part or theirs?

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