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Marilyn Photographer Dies Aged 94

It is with great sadness Loving Marilyn reports on the death of world renowned photographer George Barris, who died at his home on Friday 30th September, 2016. Barris took the last shots of Marilyn at Santa Monica beach, 13th July, 1962 - just a few weeks before she died. Loving Marilyn will be adding a page dedicated to George Barris and his work with Marilyn, very soon.

Of Marilyn... George once said 

'When I first saw her, I thought she was the most beautiful fantatic person I'd ever met' George Barris Los Angeles Daily News 2012.




Julien's Auction 6th December 2014 

juliensClick on the image to go straight to the online catalogue


I have always wanted to own something of Marilyn's! It's not for everyone - but for me it would be a dream come true. Each time that Julien's puts on an auction that includes property of Marilyn Monroe, I spend hours browsing the catalogue - this year I'm intending to make a bid!!! If I'm successful I'll let you know! If you happen to bid and you're successful please let me know!