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New Book! Marilyn Monroe The Private Life of a Public Icon

By Charles Casillo 


This book is being released in the UK on Amazon in September 2018. 

The Blurb says: Marilyn Monroe. Her beauty still captivates. Her love life still fascinates. Her story still dominates popular culture. Now, drawing on years of research and dozens of new interviews this biography cuts through decades of lies and secrets and introduces you to the Marilyn Monroe you always wanted to know: a living, breathing, complex woman, bewitching and maddening, brilliant yet flawed. Casillo studies Monroe's life through the context of her times - in the days before feminism. Before there was adequate treatment for bipolar disorder. Starting with her abusive childhood, this biography exposes how - in spite of her fractured psyche - Marilyn managed to transform each celebrated love affair and each tragedy into another step in her journey towards immortality. Casillo fully explores the last two years of her life, including her involvement with both John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, and the mystery of her last day.

One to look out for!



Becoming Marilyn Monroe


I have been so lucky to see Sunny Thompson as Marilyn Monroe in Forever Blonde on several occasions, in London, Brighton and L.A. Each time she has had the power to transport me to 1962 where I was able to meet Marilyn in person, or at least that's how she made me feel! When she is on stage you are able to suspend belief and soak up the time with Marilyn that this one woman show gives you and now you can see the documentary film!


‘Becoming Marilyn Monroe’ Synopsis

In 1954, Greg Thompson fell in love with a picture of Marilyn Monroe on the cover of Life Magazine. He was 10 years old. 47 years later, he married her!

‘Becoming Marilyn Monroe’ is the improbable story of how a theatrical playwright-producer finally found the right girl to play the part of Marilyn Monroe in his one woman play about his first pre-teen crush!

Thompson promised to marry her if she would do the part.

Sunny Thompson has a different story!

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Marilyn Photographer Dies Aged 94

It is with great sadness Loving Marilyn reports on the death of world renowned photographer George Barris, who died at his home on Friday 30th September, 2016. Barris took the last shots of Marilyn at Santa Monica beach, 13th July, 1962 - just a few weeks before she died. Loving Marilyn will be adding a page dedicated to George Barris and his work with Marilyn, very soon.

Of Marilyn... George once said 

'When I first saw her, I thought she was the most beautiful fantatic person I'd ever met' George Barris Los Angeles Daily News 2012.




Julien's Auction 6th December 2014 

juliensClick on the image to go straight to the online catalogue


I have always wanted to own something of Marilyn's! It's not for everyone - but for me it would be a dream come true. Each time that Julien's puts on an auction that includes property of Marilyn Monroe, I spend hours browsing the catalogue - this year I'm intending to make a bid!!! If I'm successful I'll let you know! If you happen to bid and you're successful please let me know!