Finding Marilyn in New York

We decided to fly with Virgin and the seven hours passed like a warm breeze on a summers evening! It was wonderful on the way there – the cabin crew could not be faulted (the journey back was a different story however!) and our seats were comfortable. We had the latest technology and were able to watch TV, films etc when we wanted to, without having to wait for a film to start we had a whole list of the latest films to dip in and out of at our leisure. Alternatively we could even play computer games against each other if we wanted to! The food was acceptable and the journey was sheer pleasure! I spent a long time debating whether or not to wear flight socks – my brother had flown to New York for his honeymoon the previous year and had a horrific story to tell about flight socks which really put me off – until I discovered he’d brought the wrong size – he said he felt like Big Bird from Sesame Street by the time he reached his destination and removed the socks they were so small! So – I wore the correct size socks and was very glad I did! You have to measure both your shoe size and calf size – for those of you like my brother that didn’t realise!