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This is the new home of Loving Marilyn! There is a long way to go to get this website up to date, so please check back regularly to see the progress! Last updated 15th November 2013!


Celebrating the life of Marilyn Monroe

Having discovered Marilyn quite by chance as a very small child, I grew up before the age of the internet, online groups and fan club. For me she was always ‘My Marilyn’ it came as quite a revelation to find that there were thousands and thousands of people out there just like me – loving Marilyn!          

The aim of this website is to unravel and explore some of the mysteries of Marilyn Monroe and to give some insight into why, over 50yrs after her death, we are all still intrigued by this woman. There are very few people in history that will never be forgotten - Marilyn Monroe is one of those select  few.         

I hope together that we can discover more about this fascinating woman who has stolen so many hearts - both during her lifetime and after her  death.

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1st June 1926 - 5th August 1962




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